Alternate Meats for Your Holiday Table

Posted on November 19, 2015

The holiday turkey. Nothing says family festive gathering meals like a gigantic roasted fowl as the centerpiece to the essential holiday gathering. But there are other fantastic options for main course proteins to serve a few, a crowd or even more. Here are a few other options you can use to really dazzle guests and spice up the holiday table.

Poultry has been a long time staple protein during the holidays and the extravagance of turkey has loomed large in our consciousness. There are however other fowl available to make an equally fantastic impression on your guests. For a small crowd, try roasting a large chicken or two; season them simply with garlic, salt and pepper and use the pan drippings for a sumptuous sauce. If you’re cooking just for two, try roasting Cornish game hens to keep the menu smaller than for a large crowd, but just as delicious as one of those all-day turkeys. For a slightly larger crowd roast a few duck breasts and slice them thin to serve to your grateful guests. If you are determined to serve turkey, try serving just a roasted turkey breast with plenty of herbs and serve sliced to your guests. Each one of these birds can be served with pan sauces or gravies if you just can’t resist the urge to pour something over your poultry dinner mate.

If poultry seems too run of the mill, beef is readily welcomed on most holiday tables. And before you think of serving up individual New York strip steaks for your holiday meal, there are plenty of shareable cuts of beef. Marinate beef tenderloin in a dry red wine, rosemary....

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