Cider Season

Posted on December 17, 2015

Bars used to be a scary proposition for those that just didn’t happen to be fans of beer and we all know wine at most bars is a scary concept. Cocktails were once the non-beer fan’s safe haven but there are certain events: sporting matches, tailgating and the like that merit something that looks and plays more like beer. Fear not, non-beer fans, despite a new resurgence of far better beers, it’s not for everyone. Behold: hard cider. Ciders are produced in many the same ways wines are, through fermentation of fruit; typically apple but others are available such as pear, ginger and pumpkin cider, this produces a crisp, slightly sweet final product that finishes like a light beer and has comparable alcohol content.

Ciders were for quite a while simply no comparison to their other draft counterparts, they tasted like apple juice and often times were often the source of dirty looks from the bar staff. There was also very few options and the few that were commercially available weren’t the best. There’s nothing quite like feeling like a child with a cup of apple juice at a football game. And plenty of old dive bars are still hesitant to hand over what they consider to be a wine list and despite growing acceptance there are some events that a glass of chardonnay simply isn’t the same as something that can be taken in through a pint glass...

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