​Fondue for the Fall

Posted on October 08, 2015

Fondue is the perfect fusion of heat and cheese ending in a perfect pot of melted, gooey and deliciously fond memories. Making fondue at home was a trend in the 1970s, but then went out of fashion like corduroy pants and bell-bottoms despite being a storied Alpine tradition. Let’s reclaim fondue and take it back from pricey chain eateries and master the melt with maybe more than one cheese pun thrown in for good measure.

Fondue is a Swiss creation and while creativity is prized, sticking with the classic ratios for fondue success are important. The main players when it comes to fondue are cheese, alcohol and seasonings. Each one is subjective and swapping out one ingredient for another is easy and the results are still just as delicious as the original.

For the cheese, we recommend Gruyere, Vacherin or Emmentaler and we recommend using two different types. However, one of the best aspects of fondue is that it’s a great way to use up leftover cheese after a cheese tasting party; use the bits and ends of the leftover cheeses and turn them into a delicious fondue. Gruyere not a personal favorite? Sharp cheddar works great too and is a....

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