​Holiday Side Dishes

Posted on November 17, 2015

It’s the holiday season once again and that means holiday feasts. While your holiday table’s star may be a roast meat of some kind, what fills the table happens to be some of the best side dishes in your recipe box. Here are some of the best sides you can whip up: they’re easy, can be made ahead of time, can please just about any crowd and can be scaled up or down depending on your guest list.

Mashed potatoes are a staple dish for nearly any holiday feast, but mashed potatoes on their own can be a little lackluster. To spice up a classic mashed potato recipe, it’s recommended to add things that potatoes naturally play well with. When in doubt add bacon and cheese to your mashed potatoes for something special to serve your guests. For something incredibly delicious and a little less filling, try frying shallots and sage leaves and adding those to the top of your fluffy mashed potatoes. If you’re like this author, the classic mashed potato recipe has a secret: buttermilk and cream cheese. Just that hint of tartness is very homey and classy. Did you know you can make mashed potatoes in the slow cooker? Low and slow set in your slow cooker means not having to worry about tending to boiling potatoes and taking up valuable kitchen space.

Sometimes your holiday table will require something green why not sautéed kale? Sautee your kale over medium high heat in a large skillet....

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