Phyllis Browning Company Celebrates 29 Years in Real Estate

Posted on March 30, 2018

April 1st, 2018 marks the 29th anniversary of PBC’s founding date. Started in 1989 by CEO and Chairwoman, Phyllis Browning, the luxury real estate firm extended the Browning family’s influence and strong ties in the community. Since its opening day, PBC, which now includes five office locations led by Jennifer B. Shemwell, has been honored with countless awards and its agents continually rank as top REALTORS® in the area. Among the 200+ agents at PBC that are committed to providing “The Very Best” in real estate is a very special group of 27 agents that have been with the company since it was a quaint one-office operation in Alamo Heights.

With PBC since its first day,  Sally Juvenal, REALTOR®, has held many roles over the years. She says about her time with the brokerage, “If you are lucky enough to have an opportunity that could change your life, reach out and grab it. That’s what happened to me the day Phyllis asked me to join her in her new real estate office. Under Phyllis’s leadership and now Jennifer’s direction, the company is forging ahead into the high-tech world.”

When asked what they loved most about working at PBC, additional agents with more than 20 years of experience with the company had this to add:

Claudia Nolen, REALTOR®

“I love PBC because of its integrity and great service for our clients. Always striving for “The Very Best” and keeping up with latest technology!”

Beverly Fulton, REALTOR®

“I love my 29-year history in real estate with PBC. We’ve had the best management, the best workplace staff and every innovation in the business I could imagine. I have been blessed!”

Kate Crone, REALTOR®

“I love PBC because when I go into the office, there is a happy, busy, productive, welcoming atmosphere – the receptionists are calm and cheerful, Irma and Nelly are willing and helpful with those of us who have been through so many iterations of handling paperwork. Agents like one another and are happy to see one another – it all comes from the top! The new office is such a wonderful environment.”

Beatrice McFadden, REALTOR®

“It is a friendly place where people help each other achieve their goals. The company provides all the tools an agent needs for success and gives support for all who work there.”

Janet Heydenreich, Broker Associate

“Over the past 20 years, I have seen this company grow and mature into the largest independent real estate brokerage firm in San Antonio. We made it to where we are today because of the leadership we have and the agents that make up this company. We strive every day to make a thoughtful impact on our clients and help them turn their dreams into a reality."

Nancy Oberman, REALTOR®

“What I love about this company is: #LoyaltyAndRespectForTheCompany #PBCBrainTrust #TheBestLeadership”

Robert Marshall, Broker Associate

“I love PBC because I have a skilled manager so that I can have answers to my everyday questions and solve my serious problems knowledgably, correctly and professionally. I believe this helps me to be more professional and keeps me out of trouble. I love that I have other successful agents around me so we can discuss problems. I love working with skilled Agents that KNOW the ropes! After 25 years of PBC, I know what to expect and I am still here!”

Carole Sutherland, REALTOR®

“I love the people who make up the winning team known as Phyllis Browning Company. Ask any agent and I am sure the answer will be the same. The agents stand ready to help each other and a support staff is committed to their success. And, I love the leadership that had the foresight and ability to put this winning team together.”

Sue Rodarte, REALTOR®

“What I have always loved about PBC is:

P for the Personal touch…it has always felt like family.

B is for the Business practices….I get the counsel I need.

C is for the Comfort. I know I am with The Very Best.”

Ann Van Pelt, REALTOR®

“Phyllis Browning Company stays true to the mission statement. We are serious and focused; we are honest and ethical; we stay on the cutting edge; we support our community. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful team.”

Jan Steuart, REALTOR®

“Perhaps because the company is family owned and operated, PBC has always had the feeling of a large diverse family rather than a big corporation. Our family stands strong and united in goal setting, education, guidance, training, management style, support, tools and encouragement. Whatever our individuals strengths are, PBC has our backs to help us all develop into our own very best self.”

Charlotte Leddy, Broker Associate

“The hardworking staff cares so much about helping us be more successful in serving our clients.”

Alison Barrow, REALTOR®

“So many reasons why I love PBC, but I guess I would say the people that work at PBC are my family. I love all the people behind the scenes that make my job appear easy, from the sign guys to the tech smarties to the office staff. I am honored to be a part of this successful company and feel truly blessed to have been here for so many years.”

Jon Hess, REALTOR®

“We’re family, my family.”

Susan Sheehan, REALTOR®

“I love that 22 years of my life has, to a great extent, been defined by my affiliation with these great people. I have always felt really secure in and proud of my association with Phyllis Browning Company. We are a family.”

Kathy Seale, REALTOR®

“I enjoy continuing the reputation for excellence and professionalism that Phyllis Browning Company stands for, and working with a team of people that I am proud to call my friends.”

Lisa D. Grove, REALTOR®

“The people make all the difference. From agents to staff – it’s a family. If you have questions there is always someone available to answer – as we often say it’s a ‘brain trust’.”

Adrianne Frost, REALTOR®

“I love Phyllis and Jennifer mostly... I also love my coworkers... Life is enhanced by the people you surround yourself and I love my people!”

Additional agents with 20+ years of tenure include:

Clare Stocker, REALTOR®

Jane Steves, REALTOR®

Cheryl Drought, REALTOR®

Colleen M. Casey, REALTOR®

Lani Liggett, REALTOR®

Christine Emerson, REALTOR®

You all are what make PBC “The Very Best”!

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