What to Know Before Visiting an Open House

Posted on March 29, 2017

Whether you are actively looking and ready to buy a home or you are just browsing the market, open houses are a great way to preview properties. Here are a few things to know before visiting an open house:

1. Open House Agent’s Role

Often times, the agent that is holding a home open is not the listing agent. If this is the case, do not be alarmed! The showing agent is in the market and likely has area expertise, knowledge of the home’s features and answers to questions you may have. Introduce yourself, explore the home and let the agent know if there is anything they can do to assist you.

2. Come Prepared

With spring comes an increase in open house signs popping up around town. If there are a few homes you would like to check out, map them out and choose an ideal route. Set aside enough time to view each property in its entirety. Most importantly, dress comfortably and appropriately.

3. Dos and Don’ts

If you are a first-time homebuyer, attending an open house can be overwhelming. At an open house, do voice what you are looking for in a home, look the home over from corner to corner, check out the community and ask questions. Don’t say you’re looking to move if you’re there to see what homes are selling for, get remodeling ideas or be a supportive neighbor.

4. Pay Attention To Detail

If you are visiting more than one property, bring a notepad to jot down your thoughts as you tour the home. Multiple homes in the same area might start to blur. Usually listing materials are available for you to reference later. Take advantage of this. If permitted, snap photos on your smartphone to look back on.

More than 70 properties will be open this Sunday, April 2nd, from 2-5 p.m. during our Annual City-Wide Spring Open House Tour. You’ll find a diverse selection of residences open, including everything from charming Alamo Heights cottages and luxury condominiums to Hill Country hideaways and Boerne gems. Keep these tips in mind when visiting our properties this weekend.

For a complete list of open houses included in our City-Wide Spring Open House Tour, click here.

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