Jennifer B. Shemwell, PBC President, Announced as Distinguished C-Suite Award Recipient by San Antonio Business Journal

Posted on December 06, 2018

Far more than a C-level Executive, PBC’s President and fearless leader, Jennifer epitomizes the firm’s credo, to always be The Very Best. With four offices, 30 staff members and over 200 agents, she is leading the company to innovation every day. Following closely in the footsteps of her mother, Phyllis Browning, Jennifer B. Shemwell has built a personal brand which epitomizes luxury, elegance and respect. Her career can be summed up as trendsetter and community leader.

Passionate about helping people achieve their goals, she spends copious time training PBC agents to be successful in accomplishing their very best. A good deal of her time is spent mentoring agents new to the company on how to be the most professional in the city. Their success is important to her and has led to the explosion of growth within the PBC brand over the past year.

With over 20 million dollars in residential sales each year, it’s no stretch to describe Jennifer as an accomplished expert in real estate, specifically the luxury sector. Also listed as one of the Best in Residential Real Estate by the San Antonio Business Journal (SABJ) this year, her extensive portfolio of work spans two decades, dozens of zip codes and hundreds of local homes, with untold positive effects on our economy.

With these distinctions noted, SABJ announced Jennifer B. Shemwell as a winner of the 2018 C-Suite Awards, celebrated for making a mark in her job, her industry and her community.

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