10 Tips: Backyard Summer Getaway

Posted on August 17, 2015

Take your own backyard from a staycation to a summer getaway with these 10 tips! 

  1. Upcycle Furniture: Take old chairs or tables and give them a fresh coat of paint for a new outdoor look! 
  2. Plant an herb garden: Try planting some herbs like thyme and rosemary to add to your BBQ this summer! 
  3. Eat dinner outside: Set up an outdoor dining table for those cooler summer evenings when you’re craving a change of scenery. 
  4. Make mojitos with your garden mint: nothing says summer like a mojito from the garden! 
  5. Set up awnings: Don’t restrict your summer living to evenings when it’s cooling off! Set up awnings so that you can spend more time in your outdoor living space while still keeping cool...

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