Outdoor Kitchens: Pleasure and Convenience

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When staying safe means staying outside ….

6819 Bella Colina, San Antonio, TX offered by Katie Detmer

In the mid to late 20th century, outdoor cooking mainly consisted of someone throwing pieces of meat on a grill occasionally. Grills matured; charcoal morphed into gas, then back to charcoal, then charcoal and/or gas with special kindling. Those of us with any type of outside space had a table where we ate outdoors on nice days, even if we hadn’t used the grill.

Fast forward to 2020. An outdoor kitchen is a huge selling point in every home price range. Modern amenities allow for expanded culinary adventures, right in your own back yard. What comprises an outdoor kitchen is in the eye of the beholder: it may be as simple as a lone gas grill with a cooler next to it or as complex as a built-in grill with six burners, a sink, a bar and a full sized refrigerator adjacent to a fireplace, 60” TV and seating area on a covered patio.


29259 No Le Hace Drive, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX offered by James Kolodziej
27934 Copper Crest, San Antonio, TX offered by Judith Rivers

The point is that we like to be outside and we like to eat. We also like to share space with the cook, unless the cook is ourself and then we want company. After all, cooking is frequently a hard and thankless task. So much more pleasant in an outdoor kitchen.

So pull up a folding chair. Or relax on your outdoor sofa. Talk to the chef, and to each other. Enjoy the breeze, curse the humidity or watch the hummingbirds. You’ll go inside eventually ….

20414 Tejas Creek, San Antonio, TX offered by Judy Dunlap

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