Top Summer Camps in the Texas Hill Country

Posted on June 05, 2017

Summer is a fun time for the whole family, especially in Texas Hill Country. For many it means family vacations, days at the pool and summer camp for the little ones. Here are our picks for top summer camps in the area.

Camp Longhorn at Inks Lake

Located in Marble Falls, Texas, this camp has been around since 1939 delivering lasting memories for campers. They have one, two and three-week sessions available, depending on how long you can bear to be away from the kids.

They have a total of 25 fun-filled activities, including “the blob." It's made of giant rubber tanks that were originally used in the military that are now filled with air and used as a gigantic water trampoline!

Camp Mystic in Hunt, Texas

This camp is a private, all-girls Christian camp nestled on the Guadalupe River.

Through lots of activities, the girls are encouraged to grow and learn through the "Camp Mystic Ideals" which are centered around spirituality and bringing out the best in them.

Camp Balcones Springs

This camp is relatively newer among the top summer camps in Texas Hill Country, but it's a favorite for kids in the area.

The cabins have private bathrooms and air conditioning, so if your kids are not as into the traditional camping style of roughing it, this may be your best bet.

Their traditions include lots of activities designed to focus on building self-esteem. At the end of the session, teams compete in an Amazing Race-style competition, which is a great time for everyone involved.

Camp Lonehollow

This camp is the newest on the list and possibly the freshest in attitude. Since 2006, it's been providing campers with 60 activities!

Campers largely control their own daily schedules and participate in activities ranging from hip hop dancing to journalism. It's flexible and fun, but it's definitely not for slackers.

Camp Stewart For Boys

If you have a son who loves to play sports and be active, this is definitely one of the top summer camps to choose.

It spans across 522 acres and it offers a few activities that many other summer camps in Hill Country do not, including weight training and conditioning.

Heart O’ the Hills Camp

Since 1953, this camp has been emphasizing self-improvement and etiquette for Hill Country's young women.

There are 50 activities that campers can choose and they're definitely unique. They include power walking, rappelling and juggling. They focus on small groups and building overall confidence.

Heart O' The Hills Camp has a very positive and laid back vibe so it's great for campers of all ages and interests.

Camp Waldemar

This wholesome camp has been operating since 1929 and boasts a variety of classes ranging from fencing to charm. There is a strong focus on spirituality at this camp throughout each activity.

Laity Lodge Youth Camp

This co-ed Christian camp has been around since the 1960s and has had a strong and committed staff since the start.

Frog Sullivan, the first employee the camp ever hire said it best when he said: “The history of Laity Lodge Youth Camp is a history of people caring about each other."

The Hill Country Has the Top Summer Camps

The Hill Country is a great place to live and visit any time of the year, but in the summer it's magical. Give your kids the gift of lasting memories this summer by sending them to one of the top summer camps.

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