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After 21 years as a flight attendant, Ike Talamantez realized that there's no place like home. The pleasures of global travel and meeting new people have only been enhanced by having a home to return to. His own home buying dream came to fruition when he purchased his great-aunt's home, keeping the property in his family for more than 75 years. His love of architecture and homes has grown throughout his years of travel.

Ike's experience in the ever changing airline industry has taught him to adjust to change while always putting the client's needs first. Calm and collected, he is able to guide clients through the complexities of real estate transactions in order to achieve their visions. Ike is honored to support clients on their real estate journey.

In his spare time, Ike supports the San Antonio Food Bank, Human Rights Campaign and the Westfort Alliance Neighborhood Association. -Mar 31 2023 5:00AM
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San Antonio, Texas
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Ike Talamantez

  • REALTOR®, TACS Certified
6061 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78209 United States