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Carlisle O'Brien grew up in San Antonio and is a graduate of Alamo Heights High School. Before beginning her career in real estate, she received her master's degree in business from Saint Mary's University and then worked in portfolio management. In 2014, Carlisle began working as an associate to Phyllis Browning Company agent, Alison Barrow. She enjoyed it so much, she became a certified REALTOR® in 2015 and has been a valued agent at Phyllis Browning Company ever since.

In the last three years she has handled multiple transactions in Terrell Hills, Alamo Heights and Northwood. Carlisle represents buyers, sellers, and renters and is proud to receive 100% of her clients from referrals.

She is a member of the First Presbyterian Church and stays active by playing tennis, biking, yoga and running after her and her husband, Jamie's, two sons. To relax she likes playing Onze with her friends and being in the outdoors with her family. -Feb 7 2023 1:00AM
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Carlisle O'Brien

6061 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78209 United States

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