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Laurie Zimmerman has always loved real estate and believes strongly that a home is not just a physical asset, but a haven. Memories are made in homes.

After receiving a BS at Texas State University and a successful sales career in which she excelled at solving challenging issues for a nationwide clientele, Laurie applied her skills to real estate. Her understanding that honesty and hard work are the foundation of successful sales outcomes serves her well. Laurie develops trust with her clients by listening to their needs and paying attention to the details. She is professional, responsive and resourceful, with a positive attitude that eases even complex transactions.

Laurie is an active member of her church and a weekly volunteer with their food pantry outreach. She also supports Clarity Child Guidance Center, and you just may find her volunteering at a booth at NIOSA. -Mar 31 2023 4:00AM
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Laurie Zimmerman

6061 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78209 United States

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