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With both parents in related fields, Hailey Klier-Decker always knew her gift for sales was genetic. However, it was her Fredericksburg wine business that made Hailey realize she had a genuine passion for selling and making connections. When the opportunity presented itself, a career in real estate made perfect sense.

Fredericksburg is a prominent part of Hailey®s family history. She has been visiting the city and surrounding area since childhood, and some of her ancestors even played a part in its founding. This gives Hailey a unique perspective, allowing her to provide better information and marketing strategies for the properties there.

Equipped with sharp critical thinking skills, Hailey is willing to fight for her clients every step of the way and give them the best possible experience. She loves music, dancing and can be found after work enjoying a glass of Cabernet Franc in the two-hundred-year-old stone house she shares with her three cats and two dogs. -Mar 31 2023 5:00AM
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Fredericksburg, Texas
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Hailey Klier-Decker

116 E. Travis Street
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624 United States