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Summer Landscaping Tips To Increase Curb Appeal

Winter is over! Springtime is here and summer is just around the corner. The grass is growing and the smell of fresh cut lawns fill the air as folks begin their summer landscaping projects.

To some of us it’s a hobby and to others, it’s a duty. Either way, curb appeal is a subject that should interest you. Here are a few ways to tighten up and make your Texas abode something to brag about.

Keep it Clean

Pressure washers are your friend.

This is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to improve your curb appeal. Pressure washing won’t just knock the debris out of your driveway, but will also remove stains, mold, and mildew.

You can pressure wash concrete and most other types of walkways as well as the siding on your house. Stay away from the windows and even the doors, as the excessive pressure can damage the wood and chip the paint.

Speaking of doors, throwing on a fresh coat of paint is always a good idea. This is an old realtor trick. It helps to make the home look inviting. So if you’re looking to put your home on the market, this is another quick and inexpensive task that you can do yourself.

Stay Cool

The Texas sun can be brutal. So what should I do? Just add water. It’s nature’s air conditioner.There’s more than one way to pull this off. One thought is to go big (we are in Texas). So think resort style.

If you have a pool, consider remodeling. There are a host of things you can do that are cost efficient.

  • Powder coat all of the handrails. This looks great, especially when color-matched to the surrounding landscape.
  • Waterfalls and fountains. They’re beautiful to look at and provide a calming atmosphere.
  • Some of the less cost-effective pool add-ons include building an outdoor kitchen or barbecue. Also, when in doubt, just add stone.

If you’re into a more natural look, build a small pond in your garden, and make sure to do so in a shadier area of the yard. This will help to keep your yard cool as well as beautify.

A Lush Yard

Keep grass a bit longer in the summer. To keep your lawn looking nice and green, raise up the blades on the mower. This will help give the roots a stronger, healthier hold. Keeping your grass just a little longer will also deter weed growth.

If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market soon, nothing will look worse than a yard full of weeds and brown grass, so make sure not to slack on this vital summer landscaping tip.

A flower garden will also give a nice touch to the property. Make sure that the colors blend well with the color scheme of your home. Proper mulching will keep your flowers healthy and vibrant and reduce weed growth.

Potted plants and raised beds further increase the curb appeal by giving extra dynamic and visual layering to your home. Hedges provide a natural looking privacy wall and vines on your brick or stone walls can give your home an elegant look.

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market or would like some more tips, feel free to contact one of our agents.

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