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Anticipating a New Year

Ring in 2021

We would probably all agree that 2020 has been one heck of a year! Make that one HECK of a year! Of course none of us knows what 2021 has in store for us, but we can hope.

That is what a new year brings: hope.

Oh, there are resolutions. There is weather, there are children, there might even be a graduation or a wedding! It’s a new year.


For all of us moving forward together in 2021, let’s take a moment and smile at each other. Oh, we’re not together, not in the same room, not even within six feet of each other…but we can smile anyway. We’ll pretend you see us and we’ll pretend we see you. Here’s hoping we will see each other’s smiles again in the new year.


This year, Phyllis Browning Company will continue working hard to find you the perfect home. We’ll practice every health measure and use every technological advance to keep buyers and sellers safe yet intimately connected to the process. Because we know just how intense the process of buying or selling a home can be. You share hopes, dreams and fears with your REALTOR® in the course of a home search, and we are privileged to participate.


It may seem more complicated now, with masks and gloves and limited open houses. It was always complicated, though. Our futures-and our families-reside in the decisions we make about our homes. These are important decisions and they are joyful. Stressful? Of course. Joyful? Always.


For all of the distanced celebrations and individual bottles of champagne, with fireworks on TV as close as we may get to the real thing, this is still a new year. Sing, dance, walk in the rain. Skip through the grocery store — no one will know it’s you because of the mask! And smile as you do it. Eat tamales and black-eyed peas. Who knows which brings the most luck? Then buy a lottery ticket and say hello to your neighbor.


New Year’s greeting from Phyllis Browning Company. We will be honored to help you ring in the New Year with a new home.

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