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Pets in Boerne: Best Parks and Pet-Friendly Places

Petting Dog in Park

Boerne, Texas, is more than just a picturesque Hill Country town. It's a place where pets are welcomed and celebrated. As you consider making Boerne your new home, knowing where to enjoy quality time with your furry friends is essential. Here’s a straightforward guide to Boerne's best parks and pet-friendly places.

Top Pet Parks in Boerne

Boerne City Lake Park

Boerne City Lake Park is a standout location for pet owners. With expansive open spaces and a dedicated dog area, it offers plenty of room for your dog to run and play. The lake adds a scenic backdrop, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful walk.


  • Leash-free zones
  • Swimming areas for dogs
  • Picnic spots

Cibolo Nature Center

Cibolo Nature Center is perfect for pet owners who love to explore trails. The park's diverse terrain, including woodlands and wetlands, provides an exciting environment for pets and owners alike.


  • Walking trails
  • Water features
  • Natural habitats

Northrup Park

Northrup Park offers a more structured environment. While it's known for its sports fields, the park also has areas where pets can roam. It's a convenient location if you’re looking for a spot to take a quick, refreshing break with your pet.


  • Open fields
  • Walking paths
  • Shaded areas

Pet-Friendly Establishments in Boerne

The Dodging Duck Brewhaus

The Dodging Duck Brewhaus isn’t just for beer enthusiasts; it’s also a welcoming spot for pets. With a pet-friendly patio, you can enjoy a meal or a drink with your furry friend by your side.

The Dienger Trading Co.

This historic establishment offers more than just retail therapy. The café section of The Dienger Trading Co. welcomes pets, so you can relax with a coffee while your pet enjoys the vibrant atmosphere.

Bear Moon Bakery & Café

Bear Moon Bakery & Café is another excellent spot for pet owners. Their outdoor seating area is pet-friendly, making it an ideal place for a casual breakfast or lunch with your pet.

Essential Pet Services in Boerne

Boerne Veterinary Clinic

A reliable veterinary clinic is crucial when moving to a new area. Boerne Veterinary Clinic provides comprehensive care, ensuring your pet remains healthy and happy.

Fetch & Friskers Barkery and Bow-tique

For pet supplies and a bit of pampering, Fetch & Friskers Barkery and Bow-tique offers a range of products from gourmet treats to stylish accessories. It’s your one-stop shop for pet essentials in Boerne.

Paws on Main

Paws on Main combines grooming services with a boutique experience. They offer professional grooming to keep your pet looking their best, as well as a selection of high-quality pet products.

Moving to Boerne with Your Pet

Relocating can be stressful, but Boerne's pet-friendly amenities make the transition smoother for you and your pet. The Phyllis Browning Company can help you find the perfect home that suits your lifestyle and needs, including those of your furry family members. Browse current listings in Boerne below and contact us with any questions about the area or to schedule a showing.

Homes For Sale in Boerne

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